At the end of the first day of the conference, we cordially invite all participants to the evening party to the club DEKADA at ul. Grójecka 19/25. The Side Room will be at our disposal.

It will be an opportunity for networking, unofficial meetings and dinner.

The map below will definitely help you find your place.

See you soon!


On February 27th at 9:00 pm we invite you for a trip by a historic bus around Warsaw. The guide’s commentary will be in English, we invite especially foreign conference guests, but all are invited. The guide will show and tell about the most important places of historical and contemporary Warsaw. The program also includes an accordionist presenting the legendary Warsaw songs, ‘Pyzy z Różyca’ – a cult delicacy of Warsaw street and a souvenir gift.

The number of participants is limited, if you want to take part in the trip, please inform us in the survey, which will be sent along with the organizational information.

The trip plan includes the most important points on the map of Warsaw: Royal Route, the Presidential Palace, the Hotel Bristol, the European Hotel, the Old City with Sigismund’s Column and the Royal Castle, the Grand Theatre, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and contemporary center of Warsaw with beautifully lit skyscrapers.

The pick-up point will be near the club DEKADA at 20:55. The end of the trip near the Palace of Culture and Science (the very center of Warsaw) is scheduled for 22:30.

VR ZONE in the foyer

Roller-coaster simulator

An astonishing combination of the real world and virtual reality in a roller-coaster zapping at incredible speeds! A specially designed set with professional equipment. Includes the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a dynamic seat with motion actuators. Designed especially for the roller-coaster simulator to make every virtual ride passenger feel like during a real ride with all their senses.
The VR– 5D roller-coaster simulator’s motion actuators generate load factors reaching 2G!!!

Flight simulator

Take the controls of the F-18 Hornet legend and try to master it! The realistic flight simulator will make you feel like a real pilot. Climb to incredible heights and reach huge speeds when diving nose down! You will be longing for a parachute after this experience!

The flight simulator includes:

  • VR Oculus Rift goggles– additionally the flight is beamed on a big format screen.
  • Pro Flight Yoke System cockpit controls – Whatever the yoke position, you will always have all the buttons at your fingertips. The built-in stopwatch display is perfect for timing approaches.
  • The throttle controls moduleis the perfect solution for those preferring multi-engine aircraft flight simulations. The throttle controls module allows extended control over multi-engine machines.
  • PRO Rudder Pedals – add a critical facet of the pilot experience to your flight simulation setup. You can control the rudder just like in a real airplane. These pedals with adjustable damping are a perfect complement to the Pro Flight Yoke and will allow you to control the virtual airplane with the precision of a real-life pilot.

REST ROOM in the SAWA hall

We are offering conference participants a special room, where you can relax or work quietly.