10/11 February 2017
Central Europe Open Data Hackathon 2017

About us

Procter & Gamble is one of the top global consumer goods companies with many well-known and trusted brands such as Pampers, Oral-B, Gillette and Old Spice – but you probably already know that.

However, did you know that the same Procter & Gamble considers Poland as one of its key hubs for global innovations? We have loads of experience but also a strong belief that an organization like P&G could greatly benefit from diversifying the sources of innovations.

That is why we would like to invite you to join the team of P&G innovators during the P&G Hackathon 2017. You will be confronted with a real business challenge, provided with all necessary data and tools and expected to work out a tangible solution with the support of our experts.

This will be one of a kind opportunity to check whether you have what it takes to shape the fast moving consumer goods market together with P&G innovators. On daily basis our employees based in Warsaw, in the second biggest P&G IT center across the world, equipped with the newest technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud, design innovative solutions in the fields of business analytics, marketing and supply chain management, which are then implemented globally. You can start working with them soon!

So if you believe that you could succeed in the P&G Hackathon 2017 please join us, following the instructions below.

See you on the spot!

Addittional info

Location and schedule

CUBE PG conference and training center, 20 Zabraniecka Str Warsaw
6pm CET on Friday – 6pm CET on Saturday

What do we want to achieve

Bringing the “outside in” is one of our goals in P&G Global Business Services. For the future, we want to leverage more and more insights generated from data leveraging data science, engineering, and wrangling community. During the Central Europe P&G Open Data hackathon, we want to encourage the community to collaborate with us and strengthen the technical community. Our hackathon will provide participants an opportunity to learn new skills and tools. This learning experience will have different elements of technology, data or activation of ideas or partial scenarios. Central Europe P&G Open Data hackathon is a gathering of data scientists, data engineers, wranglers, statisticians, developers, designers, librarians … collocated to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations, and share analyses. Come join us for this exciting collaboration of technology, business use cases, and technical talent at this first ever P&G Big Data Hackathon and be among the first to experience this break-through engagement!

What do we offer

A space and a time for participants to make meaningful progress on problems and skills they are interested in:

1. Data

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) share prices
  • Twitter posts and replies based on a list of observed accounts
  • Twitter posts and replies based on a list of keywords
  • Posts, reactions and comments posted on the official PG profile
  • Comments and their properties to movies from P&G channel
  • Demographic data

2. Tools:

Recommended tools:

  • python stack (sklearn, pandas, matplotlib/ggplot/seaborn);
  • R stack;
  • Spark.


  • Avaiable Hadoop cluster installed in the AWS cloud during the hackathon;
  • You will be able to use services such as Hive and Spark;
  • Avaiable notebooks (Jupyter) for convienient work with the Spark.

3. Help from our mentors

  • Business Unit leaders
  • Business embedded analysts
  • Data engineers
  • Technology subject matter experts (together with leading technical experts)

See more about our mentors…

Freedom to define and collaboratively investigate an wicked problem as described by the data*

*With a lot of freedom to generate insights we want to help hackathoners to stay relevant. In that spirit, the sample business cases and data samples will be shared with the registered and confirmed participants prior to the event to set the context.


Note: Hackathon will be held in Polish! We don’t provide translation to English.