Do you want challenges? What about great technical ambitious challenge?

At Procter&Gamble the biggest IT team outside US is located in Warsaw (!) and we are innovating a lot on overall Business Intelligence and Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud. We are young and passionate and want to move fast, in particular in our Commercial, Product Supply and Research & Development areas. We want to connect with you to help us on our wicked issues, for us, consumer is the boss and we have a lot of ideas and looking for more from you. Join us and help to shape the whole fast consumer goods space together.

You know that Procter & Gamble is a big company, right? In fact we are making more than 65 USD billions a year, we are the company with 175+ years of history and we do have 21 brands worth more than 1 billion USD each. We are very global and with 100K+ people in our payroll in many countries … Those are the numbers … Truth is we are very complex company and do not move around as fast as we wish … We want to change that and we need your help on it.

Come and try your skills and strength at hackaton by Procter&Gamble!