Central Europe Open Data Hackathon 2017 will be held 10th to 11th of February 2017 at the CUBE PG Conference and Training Center (20 Zabraniecka Street, Warsaw).

General information about participation

We invite you all enthusiasts of programming to join us in Central Europe Open Data Hackathon – 10/11th of February, Warsaw. To participate in this event all you need to is to fill out registration form (on left).

There’s an initial qualification in Hackathon. In 3 days after your submission, we will send you e-mail with confirmation.

We provide:

  • Participation in Central Europe Open Data Hackathon.
  • Food (dinner, breakfast, lunch) and drinks (including red bull) during the whole event.
  • A place to chill and relax.
  • Mentors’ support.
  • Awesome awards for winners – we will reveal more details on the night of Hackathon!

All you need is your own computer. You can also use your own data, software and programs.


Hackathon will be held in Polish! We don’t provide translation to English.

In case of any questions please contact:
Aleksandra Czaczkowska, e-mail: [email protected] phone: +48 22 535 31 66