Dr. Firat Tekiner has been working for a Ab Initio, UK as a consultant since 2010. He is a Data Scientist and Big Data Architect with 10+ years of experience in designing and delivering bespoke, big data and analytics systems in the world’s largest research, education, telecommunications, finance and retail organizations. He holds an MBA from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, PhD in Communications Engineering, Northumbria University, Newcastle and MSc in Information Systems Engineering from University of Manchester, UK. He started his post PhD career as a High Performance Computing (HPC) consultant and Researcher at the UK’s national Supercomputing Service hosted at the University of Manchester where he worked with world’s leading researchers on processing very large data sets at Petabyte scale using massively parallel architectures reaching to tens of thousands of cores. He then became a senior academic and lead researcher where he secured interdisciplinary EU and UK research grants focused in Data Mining, Analytics and Supercomputing. He has also been an honorary academic at the University of Manchester since 2010. He has over 30 publications in the areas of Parallel Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Computer Communications.