Speakers 2015


Mattias Andersson

Senior Data Scientist at King
Mattias has worked with data in all shapes and for more than 10 years. First as a sas programmer within clinical trials, later working as business analyst focusing on poker at bwin.com. Since three years he is a senior data scientist at king where he has been working with hadoop and hive on a daily basis.
Josh Baer

Hadoop Product Owner, Spotify
Josh spent six years as a software engineer building infrastructure components at AT&T before discovering the world of ‘Big Data’ in a class at NYU by O’Reilly author Foster Provost.

He ‘joined the band’ at Spotify in early 2013 and has worked on a small team focusing on stabilizing and enhancing the Hadoop infrastructure, performing multiple migrations, upgrades and growing the cluster from 190 nodes to over 900. Today, Josh lives in Stockholm, Sweden and works Hadoop Product Owner.

Josh holds a BS in Computer Science/Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh and a MS in Computer Science from NYU.
Joe Crobak

‎Data Engineer at Project Florida

Joe Crobak is a software engineer building server infrastructure at Project Florida. His technical interests are distributed systems and all things Hadoop. Before Project Florida, he was working on data infrastructure for billions of checkins and hundreds of terabytes of event logs at Foursquare.
His professional hobbies include the hadoopweekly.com newsletter and occasional open-source contributions. Joe received a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Bachelors Degree from Lafayette College.
Jakob Ericsson

Hadoop Software Engineer at King
Jakob is a software engineer with 15 years of experience. During the last 1.5 year he has been working with the data analytics platform at King, such as stabilizing and growing the Hadoop cluster from 60 to 160 nodes and building real time systems on Kafka. Before joining King he worked with development and architecture for www.hm.com and www.ikea.com.
Stephan Ewen

Współzałożyciel firmy DataArtisan i inicjator projektu Apache Flink
Stephan Ewen is one of the originators and committers of the Apache Flink project, and co-founder of the Berlin-based startup “Data Artisans” (http://data-artisans.com). He was a Ph.D. student at University of Technology, Berlin, where he co-initiated the Stratosphere project (out of which Flink originated) and published several papers on data analytics technologies. Stephan has worked for Microsoft Research and IBM Research on their database products.
Claudio Martella

Large-scale Distributed Systems Group, Departament of Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam
Claudio Martella is a fetishist of graphs. He has been working with complex networks and large-scale graph processing for the last 8 years, from graph databases to graph analytics.
He is a member of the PMC of Apache
Olivier Renault

‎EMEA Solution Engineer at Hortonworks

Daniel Tydecks

Systems Engineering, Cloudera


Krzysztof Adamski

Hadoop Team Lead at ING Services Polska
First learned the ropes of Hadoop while working for high-frequency trading companies and instantly got hooked on the technology. Responsible for development and maintenance of the Hadoop cluster serving clients from ING Group. Has over 8 years of experience with databases, mostly data warehouses based on Microsoft SQL Server (MCITP, MCSE).
Adam Bartos

Executive Director, Technology and Big Data Competency Center, SAS

Adam Bartos graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, with a Master of Science degree. Ever since the beginning of his career at SAS, he has been in charge of technological aspects of SAS offering. Currently he has the opportunity to take advantage of his extensive experience, holding the position of Executive Director of technology and Big Data Competency Center. He coordinates activities related to technical support of SAS users, technological support of implementation teams, as well as internal and external promotion of SAS technology in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Management, Big Data and High Performance Analytics. He cooperates closely with SAS global practice teams, ensuring that needs of Polish SAS users are taken into account in corporate product development blueprints.
Przemysław Biecek

Co-founder of SmarterPoland.pl
Specializes in volumetric analysis of complex data in public administration, health care, finance and manufacturing. Likes to use graph analysis enabling efficient pattern recognition, verification of hypotheses and finding of relationships as well as effective communication of the patterns found to the receivers of the information. Member of the board of the SmarterPoland.pl Science Foundation aiming to promote statistical thinking. Employed at Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw.
Wojciech Biela

Software Engineering Manager w Teradata Labs
Łukasz Bolikowski

Head of ADA Lab at ICM - Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw University.

Chief of R&D group specializing in large-scale text and data analysis and new scientific communication models. Received his PhD in big semantic networks analysis from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Systems Research Institute, in 2011. Works as an expert for the OECD, the European Commision and the National Centre for Reseach and Development.
Marcin Cylke

Software Developer at TouK
Pragmatic developer and technology whiz, especially apt at JVM and distributed systems.
Piotr Jan Dendek

Big Data Developer/Scientist, ADA Lab at Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), Warsaw University
Przemysław Gamdzyk

CEO of Evention
Served for many years as a journalist and an editor covering ICT industry from business, technological, organizational and human perspective. He was an editor in Computerworld magazine. He also worked for Polityka weekly and Rzeczpospolita daily. Later on he became a business developer. Effective business communication - in print, on the web, during business meetings in a real world - was always fundamental to his work. Over the years he was responsible for over two hundred events and publishing projects.
Contributed heavily to the success of IDG Business Media, directed programs targeted at managers in IDG Poland publishing house. Member of the Council of “Instytut Mikromakro” Foundation - a think thank he co-founded. Currently CEO of a company that specializes in organization of successful business events. Nearly 20 years of experience in ICT media. Combines an analytical mind and scientific education with broad horizons and deep respect for the humanities. Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics, University of Warsaw, a student of prof. Władysław Turski. Completed postgraduate studies “Social Communication” organized by the Institute of Literary Research, PAN, and the Foundation for the Dissemination of Science. Participated in a number of trainings and workshops improving managerial skills, project management skills, the art of public speaking and use of electronic communication tools and interactive marketing messages.
Marek Glijer

Software Developer, IIIT
Jarosław Grabowski

Senior Java/Hadoop Developer, Grupa Allegro
Jarek works at Allegro Group building big data collecting and processing system. For over three years his daily job has been to implement and troubleshoot Pig, Hive and Cascading jobs run on one of the biggest Hadoop clusters in Poland.
Wojciech Indyk

BigData Consultant, Agora
Michał Janusz

Data Scientist, Wirtualna Polska
Jacek Juraszek

Expert Java/Hadoop, Grupa Allegro
Jacek has experience in developing multi source Search Systems as well as Big Data analytics applications. In his carrier he was successfully taking responsibilities for managing the team as system architect, developing web applications and analyzing business requirements. His goal is to gain experience in machine learning and extending his academic knowledge on metaheuristic alghoritms and their usage with Big Data problems. In future Jacek would like to work within agile company with high theoretical and practical experience in solving Big Data problems.
Adam Kawa

Data Consultant and Co-founder at GetInData
As a data consultant at GetInData, Adam Kawa helps companies to address their data-processing challenges using popular tools from the Hadoop ecosystem and beyond.

Before that, he was a core member of Hadoop team at Spotify where he had been operating one of the largest and fastest-growing Hadoop clusters in Europe for two years. He also worked as data engineer at the ICM at the University of Warsaw.

Adam is a frequent speaker at Hadoop conferences and Hadoop User Groups meetups. He co-organizes Stockholm and Warsaw Hadoop User Groups. He regularly blogs about the Hadoop ecosystem at HakunaMapData.com. He immediately became a fan of Hadoop, after implementing his first MapReduce job in 2010.
Kornel Kiełczewski

Software Developer, Grupa Allegro

Functional programming enthusiast, enjoys to work with scala and develop scalable solutions. Kornel develops a recommendation platform at Allegro Group, struggling with Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Hadoop and ElasticSearch. Kornel enjoys to explore different languages, like Haskell or Clojure. After a year of full time scala programming he wonders if it is even possible to switch back to java?
Piotr Krewski

Co-founder of GetInData
Has extensive practical experience in writing applications running on Hadoop clusters as well as in maintaining, managing and expanding Hadoop clusters. At Spotify, he was part of the team operating arguably the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe.

He is a co-founder of GetInData where he currently works as consultant helping companies with building scalable, distributed architectures for storing and processing big data. Piotr serves also as Hadoop Instructor delivering GetInData proprietary trainings for administrators, developers and analysts working with Big Data solutions. Piotr holds Msc in Computer Science from Warsaw University.


Aleksander Łańduch

Szef zespołu ewaluacji Hadoop w T-Mobile

Andrzej Litewka

Chief Software Architect, Grupa Interia
Bartosz Ługowski

Grupa Onet.pl
Grzegorz Łyczba

Team Lead of User Intelligence Team at DreamLab (Grupa Onet)
Przemysław Maciołek

Head of Analytics and Data w Toptal, LLC
For the last ten years he has been a professional data analyst, for the last five years most interested in Big Data. Worked for multinational companies, ran a start-up company, built Big Data team for Base. Currently he leads Data Science team at Toptal helping to combine the best freelancers with companies seeking their skills. Areas of his expertise include:
* data processing and analysis for companies looking for natural resources,
* creation of natural language processing stack (incl. own tager of parts of speech and named entities),
* large-scale text-mining system (crawling and analysis of hundreds of millions of documents),
* prediction models supporting sales systems,
* business processes modelling,
* construction and analysis of key performance indicators.
Always hungry for knowledge. Professionally, he is extremely focused on the analysis of factors influencing business in a tangible way. Outside of professional interests, he is equally persistent. Graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Recenty submitted his doctoral thesis on computational linguistics and machine learning - now is getting ready to defend it. You can keep your fingers crossed.
Szymon Sobczak

Big Data Architect at BaseCRM
Studied computer science and biophysics. Having been on sabbatical for several years, he gained experience building high-performance applications - firstly as a C++ developer and later on as a data base architect and embedded systems engineer. Fell in love with large-scale data processing while working at Google in Switzerland and later on in Mountain View. Nevertheless, he came back to Poland and now works at Base, a start-up company based in Cracow. Focuses on Big Data architecture and learns how to use Data Science trying to make people 10x more productive with Base products.
Rafał Wojdyla

Engineer at Spotify
Rafal is an engineer at Spotify, a member of Hadoop squad responsible for operating, maintaing and growing one of the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe. He is also a core committer to snakebite – pure python HDFS client.
Agnieszka Zdebiak

Fundacja Data Sci